Busy meat

Between keeping up with the workload and preparing for the holidays, this week has been absolutely nuts, so once again I’m afraid I’m going to simply toss a few links your way. Keep that meat thinking!

  • First, if you are looking for worthy secular charities for holiday giving, check out the TechSkeptic’s list of atheist charities.
  • New Scientist has published an article suggesting that higher level processing plays a role in synesthesia and also offers an accompanying slide show.
  • Sizing up our conspecifics is one of the most important things we do, but sometimes it seems complicated. (Ask anyone who has recently ventured into an online dating site or been involved in a hiring decision.) Cognitive Daily discusses a recent paper about whether small snippets of observations of a person can add up to an accurate perception of personality or intelligence.
  • And while we’re on the subject of evaluating the personalities of others, here’s a press release from EurekAlert about the degree to which people can judge the personalities of strangers based solely on photographs. The press release is quite short, but it links to the paper itself, which is briefly available for free online.
  • Last spring I attended a fascinating talk at IU about the complex mix of factors that determine human skin color. This nifty web page explains succinctly why northern Europeans are white.