Thinking Meat is waking up

Greetings to any loyal readers who are still out there. The Thinking Meat Project is about to waken from its long hibernation.

When I started Thinking Meat in 2005, I envisioned it covering a broad range of topics, all related to what it’s like to be thinking matter (as Richard Feynman memorably put it, “Atoms with consciousness, matter with curiosity”). Over time, it became more or less a brain/psychology blog. Which is a fine thing, and great fun to write, but these days there are many good brain and psychology blogs out there. Many of them are written by people who have more expertise than I do in neuroscience or psychology.

So as Thinking Meat wakes up, it’s going to return to that original broader vision, and it’s going to become more personal. When I write about brains and psychology, I’m going to do it more often in the context of how I understand my own life and the meaning of human life in light of what we know in these areas. It would be wonderful if others responded to tell me how things look from behind their eyes. There will probably be more of a focus on certain topics that fascinate me, for example, depression and anxiety, cognitive biases, and what Daniel Kahneman calls fast and slow thinking.

I’d also like to give more attention to how humans use things like music, literature, and the visual arts to organize, shape, reflect, and share their experience. I’m going to look more at what other bits of thinking matter have thought about the human condition down through the centuries, and about what it means to live a good life and be a good human. I hope there will be more metaphor, more poetry, and more humor.

First, however, I must ask your indulgence. Over the next couple of days, I’m going to be tinkering with the site’s appearance, and you may find that it looks peculiar from time to time. In a few days, everything should have settled into the new normal.