Book spine poetry: The Human Cycle

I recently took an interest in book spine poetry. I posted my first effort, The World Without Us, at another blog, Science Word Geek. Here’s a new one:

book spine poetry 3

The Human Cycle

A gradual awakening,
Moments of being,
The voyage out in search of Eden.
The immense journey from certainty to uncertainty:
Inevitable illusions, being wrong, stumbling on happiness, doubt.
The sense of an ending. Nothing to be frightened of.

I’m grateful to the authors: Colin M. Turnbull, Stephen Levine, Virginia Woolf (two titles), Leo Hamalian, Loren Eiseley, F. David Peat, Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini, Kathryn Schulz, Daniel Gilbert, Jennifer Michael Hecht, and Julian Barnes (two titles).